Books on Wheels

Are you currently without transportation?

With Books on Wheels, you can have books, audiobooks, DVDs, or other materials from your North Sioux City Community Library delivered directly to you for free!

Here’s how it works:

1. Call the library (605) 422-2366 and tell us you want to sign up for books on wheels–it’s free.
2. We’ll ask you to take a survey of your reading preferences (how many books you’d like to get, what subjects you like, etc.).
3. We’ll call you 24 hours before hand to see if you have any special requests (otherwise we can pick out your books for you).
4. Every three weeks we’ll deliver them to your door and pick up any returns that you have finished.

It’s that simple! We do the work, you enjoy the books!
The library is literally at your fingertips! Get started today by calling 605-422-2366